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Massage & Business Training|Herts.

The 'Tantric Masseur' offers Gents and Ladies a one day intensive massage and business training course based on his more than twenty years of experience.

You can spend the day in the company of the 'Tantric Masseur' and learn how to start your own independent massage service in your area. This training is open to both Gents, Ladies or Couples and not only covers massage techniques but, uniquely, includes invaluable advice on how to run a massage service as a proper and legitimate business.
A summary of topics covered ---------
Learn a simple massage routine that is easy to do but very satisfying for the client.
Learn how to create a relaxing ambience in your massage room.
Learn how to change any bed into a practical massage surface quickly and easily with minimum expense.
Learn what oils to use and where to get them.
Watch while the 'Tantric Masseur' massages a client, ( subject to there permission ).
Enjoy a massage yourself while the masseur talks you through his routine, and then you can practise on his naked body.
Learn what business records to keep.
Learn how to limit nuisance calls.
Learn how to minimise the inconvenience of 'No Shows'.
Learn how to stay the right side of the law.
For this massage course to be suitable, you need to be reasonably fit and agile, with access to a suitable private room.
You do not necessarily need to work unclothed yourself, or offer a personal service to clients, but you obviously need to be comfortable with nakedness in general.
This unique One Day Massage and Business Training course is available most weekdays from 10am till 7pm, and by special arrangement on some Sundays. Light refreshment provided during the day. The training is on a One to One basis but you may bring along a partner, male or female, at no extra charge, to share the experience with you.
So, if you would like to escape the 'rat race', or simply supplement your income during these uncertain times, consider becoming an independent massage therapist. The positive cashflow from month one allied to low start up and running costs, make this a viable business in good and bad times.
To benefit from the ' Tantric Masseur's more than twenty years of experience, and before he retires, the fee for this one day training course is £300. Paid in cash on arrival, on the day.
Call 01438 723921 Monday to Wednesday after 9am.

The Sanctuary Tantric Massage Room is located in Stevenage,Herts.             Copyright The Tantric Masseur 2011.