Tantric Naturist Massage.

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Massage & Business Training Course.

The 'Tantric Masseur' offers a one day intensive naturist massage and business training course in Stevenage,Hertfordshire.
This course can also be split into two half days of tuition.


A shortcut to success as an independent naturist massage therapist.

The 'Tantric Masseur' has been earning a decent full time living as an independent masseur for 20 years. He is now offering ladies or gentlemen the opportunity to learn from him the secrets on how you can do the same in your own area.
             £400 One Day Massage & Business Training Course.
Massage Training in the morning. Business training in the afternoon.
You can also choose to just take the massage or the business training as a separate half day course for a fee of £200.
Content of Training Course.
Hands on training learning a simple massage routine that is easy to do but very satisfying for the client.
Learn what clients like and, just as importantly, what they don't like.
Learn how best to lay out the massage area and create a relaxing ambience.
Learn what oils to use and where to get them at the best price.
Where to buy a massage table at a bargain price.
Or how to convert a bed into a massage surface.
Watch over the 'Naked Masseur's' shoulder while he massages a client.(subject to clients permission).
Receive advice on how to set up a website.
Learn what business records to keep and why you may not need an Accountant.
Learn how the latest phone technology can help limit nuisance calls.
Learn how to run an appointment system that reduces the nuisance value of 'no shows'.
How to get your pricing right for your area.
How to stay the right side of the Law.
Generally benefit from his 20 years experience in this business during a question and answer session.(Priceless and unique),advice on how to run a massage business is not usually offered by other courses.
For this massage course to be suitable, you need to be reasonably fit with access to a private room that can be used for massage. Although you do not have to offer all the personal services that the 'Tantric Masseur' chooses to do, you obviously must be comfortable with nakedness in general.
This unique One Day massage and business training course is available Monday to Friday, and by special arrangement at a Weekend. The fee for the day is £400, or £200 if taking the half day option. You will receive a Massage Training Certificate at the end of the course.( some newspapers insist on seeing a copy before accepting a massage advert).
You may bring along a partner (male or female) at no extra charge, to share the experience with you.
Course duration approx. 10am till 7pm with a short break for a supplied light lunch.

This training fee counts as a legitimate business expense, so an invoice for your payment will be supplied.
So, if you would like to escape the 'rat race', or simply supplement your income during these uncertain times, consider becoming an independent naturist massage therapist. The positive cash-flow from month one allied to low start up and running costs, make this a viable business in good and bad times. The training fee is payable in cash on the day.
Ring 01438 723921 Mon - Friday to discuss attending.
The Sanctuary Tantric Massage Room is located in Stevenage,Herts.             Copyright The Tantric Masseur 2011.