Tantric Naturist Massage.

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Tantric Naturist Massage for Couples.

I am happy to offer my unique take on a 'Tantric Massage' to Ladies who would prefer to share the experience with their male partner. Firstimers and Senior couples are welcome. Go on, treat yourselves.
If sharing sensuality with a mature and experienced guy interests you,  then please read on.


This scenario is primarily for Ladies who would rather have their male partner in attendance while enjoying the 'Tantric Massage' that I offer. These sessions are done in my spacious bedroom where the gentleman partner can have a comfy chair to sit in and enjoy being a voyeur. A dressing gown is also on hand for the male partner to wear as an option to staying  fully clothed.The session starts with a mutual undressing ritual between me and the Lady as a show of respect for each other's body. The Lady will then be invited to lay on the protective towelling so I can perform a sensual body to body 'Tantric Style' massage up to whatever level of intimacy is acceptable to both partners. If agreeable, I will invite the male partner to join in so that his lady can experience a 4Handed massage. Naughty but nice. I can also offer the lady the option of a full personal intimate service from me and/or her partner, towards the end of the session, if required. An en-suite shower big enough for two is available for couples to freshen up in, and refreshments will be offered before you leave. Senior couples are welcome as there is no upper age discrimination.

As an up to 90 MINUTE couples session, the fee is £100.

To include a massage for the Gentleman partner, add £40.
Cash only please.
My regular working days are Monday to Thursday but I may also be able see couples on a Weekend, but only if given advanced prior notice, and is subject to other commitments, so please check well in advance.

PLEASE NOTE. As of the end of April 2016, this service will be suspended until the late Autumn. 

     venue for couples massage.jpgcouples massage bedroom.jpgtwo person shower cubicle.jpg
             The Venue.                Massage done here.    En-Suite Shower.

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                    All photos with the full permission of the visiting couple.

If this scenario appeals then call me on 01438 723921 after 9am.

Couple sessions from 10:00am till 5:00pm. Monday to Thursday.

Weekend sessions for couples sometimes possible, but are subject to other commitments. Best to check well in advance.

Only I will answer the phone so your privacy is guaranteed.
Remember you are coming to a smart (non-smoking) house in an upmarket quiet residential area in Stevenage, Herts.
No worries or hassle as this is a genuine professional service for liberated discerning couples. I do not share my home with anyone so your privacy is assured.

The Sanctuary Tantric Massage Room is located in Stevenage,Herts.             Copyright The Tantric Masseur 2011.