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Naturism in the U.K.

Starter information for newcomers interested in Naturist Clubs and Swims in the U.K.

Many of us would like to sunbathe or swim naked when the weather is sunny and warm but don't have the privacy in our homes and gardens.
The answer is to visit one of the many well established (some since the 1930's) naturist clubs that are located all over the U.K. You do not have to commit to joining as a full member as most clubs offer the opportunity to make one or two day visits, usually between April and September, for a modest fee.
There is bound to be a Naturist Club in your area, most have websites that you can search for on Google. In my county of Hertfordshire there are no less than three naturist clubs all based in a cluster near to St.Albans, and all allow you to make a day visit, whether you are a single male or female, or a couple.
I have visited all three and can vouch for the warm welcome you will receive as a day visitor. All three of the St.Albans based sites have heated outdoor pools where you can swim without clingy swimwear. If you have never swum naked before you are missing out on a most agreeable and liberating experience.
Very few naturist clubs in the U.K. have indoor pools so are often closed during the winter months, but naturist swims at Council run indoor leisure pools are often organised during the off-season. These are private events and you need to be a member, or know a member, of 'British Naturism' to attend. For info on joining this organisation check out their website.

I appreciate that for a single lady,going to a naturist club for the first time may seem a daunting prospect so I would like to offer any lady considering trying naturism to chat to me for some reassurance and possible practical help if needed,such as joining 'British Naturism' or maybe, if you are locally based, come as my guest when I next visit a naturist club or swim. Hopefully catch me between massage clients on 01438 723921.
Peter-'British Naturism' club member.

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